Todd Feinburg

Todd Feinburg: Dinner With The Trumps

Dr/Rep Prasad Srinivisan discusses his evolving views on gun control. Then Michael Harrison shares details of his dinner with Trump, Melania, Don Jr, Tiffany and Chief of Staff John Kelly in Florida last night.


Todd Feinburg: Is Nepotism Okay?

Michael Harrison asks the question– nepotism, is it okay? Then Michael Baranowski, PoliSci Professor at Northern Kentucky University and co-host on the Politics Guys podcast, offers more reactions to the Florida shooting and America’s gun problem. Philosophy Phryday – Should we care about the private lives of our elected officials?


Todd Feinburg: The Florida Shooting

Todd reacts to the shooting in Florida.


Todd Feinburg: Is Melania’s Family On The Way Out?

We talk the immigration policy… is Melania’s family on the way out?


Todd Feinburg: The Obama Portraits

We discuss the Obama Portraits, the Rob Porter scandal, and more.


Todd Feinburg: The End of ‘He’ and ‘She’?

Gender fluidity: Is this the end of “he” and “she”?


Todd Feinburg: Volatility of the Stock Market, Intricacies of Curling

Michael Harrison talks the emotional volatility of the stock market and the intricacies of the Olympic sport of curling.


Todd Feinburg: The Greatest Invention Ever?

ChapStick: the greatest invention ever? Let’s discuss…


Todd Feinburg: (The State of) the State of the State

The Mad Liberal, gubernatorial candidate Mark Stewart, and Sen. Len Fasano all discuss Gov. Malloy’s State of the State.


Todd Feinburg: The Stock Market Rollercoaster Continues

The stock market rollercoster ride continues… what does it all mean?