Station Title: Talk Show Host/Talent

Year Started at WTIC-AM: 2003

Jim has more than 20 years experience in broadcast radio and television with 6 Emmy nominations and 3 Telly Awards. Currently with WTIC 1080 in Hartford, CT, Jim has worked most recently as business and financial reporter for NBC30, the NBC-owned TV station in Hartford and CPTV as host of the news Magazine “Main Street”. “Republitarian” by nature, Jim’s show covers topics from culture to politics, movies to the military, with a strong emphasis on good old fashioned Yankee liberty and independence.

Favorite Radio/Career Moment: This is the truth – the day I discovered that radio was my medium. I had been in TV for more than 20 years when I switched to radio. It has been amazing. I get to talk to people, everyday people, and let them vent and provide information, important information.

As a journalist I have covered 3 recessions, bank failures and foreclosures, traveled to the Soviet Union to cover the change in their economy, met three Presidents … even climbed the highest peak in the continental US as a reporter. But nothing compares to talk radio. Nothing. I am honored. I am privileged. I am humbled every day.

Favorite Connecticut-related leisure activity: I love sporting clays. It’s great fun, I love to shoot, and I don’t have to watch the feathers fly afterward. True.