By Trish McQuillen

2138359 Updating The Classic Hoop Earring

Photo Credit: Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images

Recently I was watching Serena Williams play in a round at Wimbledon 2011 and once again I was amazed by the size of her earrings.  Personally, I find it difficult enough to get that small green ball onto my racquet head, up and over the 3’ net, and within the giant white box on the other side.  I couldn’t imagine successfully accomplishing all of that while sporting a large metal ring in each earlobe.But Serena and I do have one thing in common… I, too, enjoy sporting a large metal ring in each earlobe on occasion.  In fact, I probably own about 6 or 7 pairs of randomly sized hoop earrings.  I haven’t worn any of them while playing tennis; however, they do change the look of an outfit as well as your attitude while wearing them.  It’s similar to the mood change that occurs when you put on a high-heeled pump instead of a ballet flat. Somehow you’re transformed to a more powerful, confident, even sexy place.The hoop earring isn’t the finishing touch for every outfit, but I do think there are a few ways in which to showcase some of these geometric beauties.

simple dresses and twisted hoop Updating The Classic Hoop Earring

Photo Credit: From Left, Anthropologie, ShopBop, Anna Beck and Endless Shoes

Simply Dressed

Anna Beck Earrings at Silver Ribbon
275 Post Road
East Westport, CT 06880
(203) 226 9320
Hours: Tues-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 10am-5pm, Sun-Mon closed

A detailed, medium sized hoop looks fantastic together with a simple strap or strapless dress for these summer days.  It accentuates the open neck and brings balance and proportion to the upper torso.  Sounds like quite the task for a thin piece of wire!

This Anthropologie Strapless Maxi dress is a nice option at $128.For a more bohemian alternative look at M Missoni’s Cross Back Dress at Mitchell’s in Westport. Add these Ilse Jacobsen simple sandals from Endless Shoes for a chic, yet casual look.

With such simple necklines, pick an elegant hoop with a flair. Pair either dress, for instance, with the Timor Twisted Hoop Earring from Anna Beck.

balancing masucline and feminine Updating The Classic Hoop Earring

Photo Credit: From Left: J.Brand, Ralph Lauren, Ippolita, J. Crew

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Styles

Ippolita Sterling Silver Hoops
Lux, Bond and Green
136 Main Street
Westport, CT 06880
(203) 227 1300
Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat 9:30am-5pm, Sun closed

I love the balance of masculine and feminine in women’s wear.  Mixing this accessory with something a bit more manly like a crisp white button down and a great pair of blue or white jeans or trousers gives more edginess to this pared-down look.  Complete the mood with a wedge sandal and a bright color bag.

Try Ralph Lauren Blue Label’s Calandra Broadcloth Blouse. The soft leg Bette jean from J Brand contrasts nicely with the menswear button down.  Find a pair at Wishlist in Greenwich, Darien or Westport. Keep your bag bright, summery and fun so your outfit isn’t too structured. This Angela Adams Dipped Sail Bag from J.Crew adds a pop of color.

Ippolita Sterling Silver Hoop from Lux, Bond and Green adds just enough to not detract from the collar…or you.

rough boho outfit Updating The Classic Hoop Earring

Photo Credit: From Left: Saks Fifth Avenue, Velvet, all jewelry by Bling, via Facebook

Rugged Boho

Jewelry from Bling
37 Tokeneke Rd
Darien, CT 06820
(203) 202 9390
Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm, Sun closed

My last suggestion for a hoop backdrop is something a bit more rugged. Again, remember to always keep outfits balanced. Pair a looser top with a slim-fit pant, or contrast slinky and heavier, boxier materials.

Take for instance the skinny cargo pant from Blank Denim at Saks Fifth Avenue.  Cargos are a rough looking pant that comes in everything from loose camouflage to stylish slim legs.  Whether worn with a turtleneck for the cooler seasons or a great peasant blouse like Bayla from Velvet, found at Erika K in Darien, for this time of year, it’s a military accent that seems to always stay in style.

Keep the components fun. These hoops from Bling in Darien stray from the classic style with embedded studs throughout the earring. Throw on some chunky bracelets in a bright color!

Trish McQuillen is the owner of Style Design and can be found on “You never know where the path leads….mine went to working for Giorgio Armani one day to teaching Fashion Merchandising at a local college the next.  And now I’m helping clients feel more confident when they dress…and writing a few blogs, such as this one, in between! “


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