Russia detains suspected "Volga maniac" serial killerRussian authorities said they have detained a long-wanted serial killer suspected of murdering at least 26 women.
Video of beating leads to investigation of Paris police officersThe victim claims the officers also hurled racist insults at him.
Cuomo urges feds to protect undocumented immigrants in vaccine rolloutCuomo said the federal program requires states to collect and share personal information for those taking the vaccine, which could be shared with agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and ICE.
Baby among 4 killed as car plows into shoppers: "Horror scene"State Governor Malu Dreyer said the dead included a young child and condemned it as a "brutal act."
China lands spacecraft on moon for historic sample collectionIf successful, the Chang'e 5 mission will make China only the third nation to bring moon rocks back to Earth.
How Cher is helping save the world's loneliest elephantKaavan languished for 35 years in a Pakistani zoo without proper care, but thanks to an effort spearheaded by a pop music icon, a new day is dawning.
China marks 1 year since COVID symptoms were first detectedA government-sanctioned exhibition on the coronavirus hails President Xi Jinping as "heroic."
U.S. couple says they're being held captive in British Virgin IslandsA U.S. couple and two others say they were taken into custody when their boat accidentally veered into British Virgin Islands territory, where COVID-19 protocols are strict. Meg Oliver reports.
F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton tests positive for COVID-19Hamilton is in isolation in accordance with the health protocols in Bahrain.
Top nuclear scientist killed by remote-controlled gun, Iran saysIranian President Hassan Rouhani blamed Israel for the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh and vowed retribution "in due time."
South Korean pop stars BTS may get to delay military service after allLast year the government said pop musicians couldn't delay mandatory service, but as BTS claim their 3rd Billboard No. 1, lawmakers appear to recognize boybands' value to the national brand.
Fire devastates world's largest sand islandThe fire as been raging for more than six weeks and is consuming large swaths of Fraser Island's unique forests.