Biden speaks with Palestinian and Israeli leadersPresident Biden on Saturday spoke with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss an end to violence in the region. It was the first time Mr. Biden spoke to both leaders since fighting erupted on Monday. Christina Ruffini has more.
Casualties mount as Israeli forces and Hamas continue to exchange attacksViolence between Israeli and Palestinian forces continues to escalate, with a building containing foreign media getting destroyed by an Israeli airstrike early Saturday. After six days of fighting, over 140 Palestinians and 10 Israelis are dead. Imtiaz Tyab reports.
Afghan and Taliban forces clash as U.S. continues withdrawalThe Taliban continues attacking Afghan forces as the U.S. goes ahead with its withdrawal from the country. Charlie D'Agata has more.
China successfully lands rover on MarsThe Chinese rover joins three NASA spacecraft already on the surface of Mars.
Asian Americans: Battling Bias"Asian Americans: Battling Bias," produced by the CBS News Race and Culture unit, explores the discrimination facing the Asian American community in 2020. In addition to fighting the devastating health impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, Asian Americans have faced high unemployment, business boycotts and racist attacks caught on video.
Israeli airstrike in Gaza destroys building housing foreign mediaIt came hours after another Israeli air raid on a densely populated refugee camp killed at least 10 Palestinians from an extended family, mostly children.
Fighting between Israeli forces and Palestinians intensifiesThe violence between Israel and the Islamic militant group Hamas in Gaza is not letting up. On Saturday morning, an Israeli airstrike on a house in Gaza City killed at least 10 people, some of them children. That's the highest number of fatalities in a single attack since the conflict began less than a week ago. While some of the most intense assaults have been in Gaza and southern Israel, a much broader offensive is taking shape. Imtiaz Tyab is in Tel Aviv with the latest.
Two satellites lost in Rocketlab launch mishapThe mishap marked Rocketlab's second in its last eight flights.
Reporter's Notebook: Covering final months of U.S. troop withdrawalCharlie D'Agata spent the last few weeks in Afghanistan as U.S. troops began withdrawing, and as Taliban violence surged. He spoke with General Scott Miller about the so-called "forever" war" that will soon end for American and NATO forces, but not for the Afghan people. Here's his reporter's notebook.
Israeli airstrike on Gaza home kills at least 10 people, most of them childrenOvernight, several areas of the densely populated Palestinian territory were pounded in strikes, wreaking havoc.
Why is violence flaring up in Israel and Gaza?There has not been such a severe escalation of violence in the region since the Israel-Gaza war in 2014. Here's a look at why it's happening.
Harry says parenting style of royal family inflicts "pain and suffering"In a new interview, Prince Harry criticizes the parenting of his father, Prince Charles, saying that he wants to break the cycle of "pain and suffering."