Thousands in London protest lockdowns and social distancing rulesSpeakers criticized government-imposed restrictions as an overreaction to the pandemic that needlessly restricted the public's human rights and freedom of expression.
Angelina Jolie donates to 6-year-olds’ lemonade stand raising money for YemenTwo young philanthropists in London selling lemonade to raise money for Yemen got a generous contribution from one Hollywood star. Imtiaz Tyab speaks to the pair of 6-year-olds behind “Lemonade for YemenAid.”
Terror probe after 2 stabbed at former Charlie Hebdo office in Paris"I saw a guy that was in his 30s or 40s with an axe in his hand who was walking behind a victim covered in blood," a witness said.
Two people stabbed in Paris near former headquarters of Charlie HebdoA stabbing attack in Paris left two people hospitalized in critical condition. The attack occurred near the former office of Charlie Hebdo, and authorities are investigating the assailant's ties to Islamic extremist groups. Charlie D'agata reports.
U.S. envoy says the U.N. "should be cheering us," not criticizing"To my disgust and astonishment, each country used the opportunity to really be very negative about the United States," Trump's U.N. ambassador tells CBS News.
Rat awarded medal for sniffing out dozens of landminesMagawa is the first rat to win the award.
U.K. reports record number of new virus casesLondon, home to almost 9 million people, is being labelled an "area of concern."
380 secret detention camps reportedly found in ChinaMore of the facilities resemble prisons, an Australian think tank says.
Saudis warn of oil slick near decaying tanker, but offer no evidenceYemen's civil war has turned a 45-year-old, crude-filled supertanker into a ticking environmental time bomb, but politics makes it hard to judge the length of the fuse.
Knife attack near former Charlie Hebdo office in ParisAt least two people were slashed in a knife attack near the former Charlie Hebdo newspaper office in Paris, where Islamic extremists murdered 12 people five years ago. Charlie D'Agata reports.
2 wounded in knife attack at former Charlie Hebdo office in ParisFrench police confirm suspect taken into custody after attack outside former office of satirical newspaper targeted in 2015 massacre.
South Korea says Kim apologized for official's "unfortunate" killingThe North Korean dictator has purportedly told South Korea he's "very sorry" about the incident at sea. It would be an unprecedented apology.