Black and Asian people in U.K. more likely to die of COVID-19"COVID-19 has replicated existing health inequalities and, in some cases, has increased them," report says.
Nazi diary reveals secret location of WWII treasure worth billionsThe journal reportedly outlined Nazi commander Heinrich Himmler's plans to hide stolen European riches, artifacts and priceless works of art.
Congo is battling coronavirus, measles and a new Ebola outbreak"This is a reminder that COVID-19 is not the only health threat people face," WHO chief says as 4 deaths confirmed.
Inside the WHO's early struggle to get coronavirus data from ChinaU.N. health agency lauded Beijing's information sharing but left out frustration over expediency, because it needed further cooperation.
Police killing of Palestinian man draws George Floyd comparisonsAmid calls for Israeli police to release video of the shooting, politician warns autistic man's death "will only increase the level of the people's anger."
Australian TV crew "pretty bruised" by police at White House protestAustralia asks embassy in D.C. to probe attack on TV crew caught on tape after U.K. calls mounting reports violence against journalists "very concerning."
U.S. deports Iranian scientist acquitted in trade secrets caseSirous Asgari is said to have caught and recovered from COVID-19 while being held. He was accused of trying to steal secret research on futuristic steel.
Extinctions raise risk of "biological annihilation," study warns"We cannot separate ourselves from the natural world," said legendary conservationist Jane Goodall. "We continue to destroy it at our peril."
As Trump pushes to reopen, border restrictions continueOnly four migrants have been allowed to request refuge in the U.S. under a public health order, according to data obtained by CBS News.
China uses U.S. protests to cry hypocrisy amid Hong Kong standoffBeijing trolls the Trump administration's criticism over a feared crackdown on freedoms in Hong Kong with 3 words: "I can't breathe."
Thousands march in Europe in solidarity with U.S. protesters"This is our respect to people in America who are suffering right now," said one 18-year-old protester in London.
The world reacts as American cities erupt in angerChina and Iran find reason to claim hypocrisy as thousands protest elsewhere in solidarity with U.S. black communities.