True or False?As I mentioned last week, the line between actual news and parody is becoming blurred.
I Got Taken
Could Yale Move?When Florida’s Governor Rick Scott suggested that Yale University contemplate re-locating south to the Sunshine State, Senator Looney-- in a manner reminiscent of his dismissal of GE’s threat to leave Fairfield-- ridiculed the prospect of such a move. Should he though?
Happy Birthday!The Governor and other officials gathered yesterday to celebrate the success of CT Fastrak. In the year since it’s completion, it’s claimed that the 500 million dollar plus project has been a rousing success to the tune of 3,000,000 riders. But I have to confess that when I spot one of the green and silver buses, I see quite a few empty seats.
The Ursus MaritimusIf you’re heading north on 91, take a look at the billboard on the right side of the road as you pass the exotic clubs and adult implement stores and find yourself in the shadow of Mt. Trashmore.
Meet "The Establishment"Yesterday, David Lightman tipped us off about today’s column about why D.C. seems detached from the rest of the country. Meet “The Establishment.”
Wednesday ThoughtsOk, Brussels was horrible, but closer to home, terror reigns as well. Quick! Seek refuge in your safe space!
They Shoot Horses, Don't They?
Local Tradition Ended After 33 YearsFor 33 years, kids attending Southington’s Urban T. Kelley elementary school celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with an ice cream social. But no longer.
You And I Are ChumpsLet’s face it- you and I are chumps.
It's Probably Not My Place....Having gone in to therapy myself, it’s probably not my place to criticize another’s mental well-being, but really, I was never this afflicted by “issues” to this degree.
Educational SWAT TeamsThe two remaining candidates for the Democratic nomination for President met in Flint Michigan last night. One of the key topics was, as is increasingly the problem in urban school districts was the lack of progress made by students.
Quite A ThursdayQuite a Thursday yesterday.
Changing PerceptionsTake a swamp, change its label to wetlands, and suddenly, most of us take a more favorable view... but what happens when the same rule applies to one of the oft-referenced 2016 Presidential campaign issues?
Bill Belichick For PresidentIt’s known as a Hobson’s Choice. You’re allowed to pick one of two equally bad alternatives.