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East Lyme church honors first EEE victim in ConnecticutEAST LYME, CT (WFSB) – An East Lyme church community is remembering a member who passed away from the first case of Eastern Equine Encephalitis with a vigil on Saturday. Reverend Brian Maxwell, the Parochial Vicar of Saint Matthias of East Lyme told Channel 3 that 77-year-old Patricia Shaw, known as Pat, was the first victim of EEE in Connecticut since 2013. Reverend Maxwell said Shaw loved nature, animals, and often came to pray at the statue of the Blessed Mother outside the church with her dog, named “Angel.” "I was with her family yesterday and they were telling me that she was so kind towards animals and if she was walking down the road and saw something that was wounded, she’d pick it up. They rescued a bird, she wouldn’t kill a bug," said Reverend Maxwell. "And so it’s almost ironic that she received this bite from a mosquito and had this very rare disease occur." Officials with the Department of Public Health said the first victim, later known as Shaw, became infected with the deadly virus in August. Shaw remained hospitalized until her passing earlier in the week. Reverend Maxwell said he stayed with Shaw and her family throughout the process. The church held a 12-hour vigil of prayer on Friday and placed her picture by the statue at which she often came to pray. The state also confirmed a second person is now infected with the potentially deadly virus. The patient is a resident of Old Lyme and became ill during the second week of September and remains hospitalized. Doctors say it takes 4-10 days for flu-like symptoms to arise. When the virus spreads to the brain, a third of those cases end with death. Survivors are often left with long term brain damage. There is no cure and no vaccination for EEE. Until the first cold snap, health officials say the best thing to do is to limit evening activities when mosquitoes are more active. Mosquitoes carrying EEE have been found in 12 towns and continue to be found in the southeastern part of the state.
Early Warning Weather ForecastFrom Meteorologist Mike Cameron in the Channel 3 Early Warning Forecast Center… Tonight: Clear and cool. Patchy fog developing. Low: 52-58. Sunday: Partly to mostly sunny and warm. High: 86 inland, 80 shore. Monday (Autumn arrives 3:50 am): Partly sunny, breezy and warm; there will be a chance for showers and thunderstorms toward evening and overnight. Low: 64. High: 84 inland, 80 shore. Tuesday: Partly sunny, cooler and drier. A few showers will build, especially in northern CT and during the afternoon. Low: 58. High: 75 inland, 76 shore. Wednesday: Mostly sunny and pleasant. Low: 50. High: 74 inland, 73 shore. Thursday: Partly sunny and warmer. There will be a chance for a late-day shower. Low: 53. High: 79 inland, 77 shore. Friday: Mostly sunny and pleasant. Low: 52. High: 73 inland, 74 shore. Saturday: Clouds and sun. A few passing showers will be possible. Low: 55. High: 76 inland, 74 shore.
Bridgeport woman surrenders to police after being charged in husband's murderBRIDGEPORT, CT (WFSB) – A Bridgeport woman wanted in connection to her husband's murder surrendered herself to police, officials said. A warrant was obtained for Larise King, charging her for her role in the murder of her husband, Dathan Gray. Police say King surrendered herself after midnight Friday night. Gray was shot and killed on July 27, standing on the street in front of his house on Newfield Avenue. King's warrant is charging her with conspiracy to commit murder and criminal liability for the acts of another. King’s attorney told police she would surrender to police by 5 p.m., but failed to show. King is being held on a $1,000,000 dollar bond. Police say additional arrests are anticipated in the case.
Norwich animal control officer placed on paid leaveNORWICH (WFSB) - The city's animal control officer was placed on paid leave Friday night. According to police, ACO Donna Gremminger was placed on a a non-punitive administrative leave with pay, pending the investigation of multiple, recent complaints from the public regarding her work performance. Police also said they have internal concerns they are investigating. Police Chief Patrick Daley said in a statement, "This action is not a statement of judgment, but of the need to review these concerns objectively and in full. Our investigators will conduct a fair, efficient and thorough review of these issues, the services provided through our animal control division will continue uninterrupted during this period."
Food tax fallout: Republicans still seek special session, but call revised plan betterHARTFORD, CT (WFSB) - Clarifications were announced Thursday night amid backlash over a prepared foods tax. The tax led Republican lawmakers to call for a special session and it also confused consumers. <a href="" target="_blank">A five page document was released</a> by the Department of Revenue Services on Thursday night. It contained more specific guidelines. The tax, which goes into effect on Oct. 1, would increase the tax on prepared meals at grocery stores by 1 percent. That means shoppers would pay 7.35 percent instead of 6.35 percent. There were a lot of questions about what was defined as a "meal." The revised guidelines include catering services performed by a supermarket, such as sandwiches, coffee or tea prepared at a deli counter or elsewhere for takeout. It goes on to say meals in areas of a supermarket where food is intended to be consumed in the supermarket, such as at snack bars or food courts, are taxable. Officials said the meals are also taxable even if taken out of the store. For example, at West Side Market in Rocky Hill, which doesn't have a food court or designated seating area, very few foods are taxed. At Big Y, where they have a cafe and individual food stations with registers, many of the prepared foods are taxed and will continue to be. That means, if you buy a slide of pizza and pay at the pizza counter register, you pay sales tax. Pretty much any prepared food, even take out, is taxed if purchased in an area designated for eating. There's been a lot of talk about bagels and muffins as well, and the law is still the same for that. If you buy more than five, there's no tax, but if you buy less, and in the cafe area, you will pay a sales tax. It's all about where you buy it. Sandwiches have always been taxed and will continue to be. A gray area seems to be small containers of ice cream and ice cream cones. Republican lawmakers, like Sen. Len Fasano who long criticized the new tax, called the clarification better. However, he said there are still a lot of questions. "I think that’s cleared up to a tune of 90 percent, but the sandwich at Stop and Shop is not taxed. I think this does tax it. I think. But I’m not sure those are still questions," Fasano said. "There has to be certainty in the statute. People have to know by reading the law whether they are following it or not." Republicans said they are still pushing for a special session to iron out the details of the tax. Gov. Ned Lamont said the original guidance about the meal tax was too broadly interpreted and not reflective of what was intended. He said he hoped the new guidelines will help people better understand it. The revised plan can be read <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.
East Lyme resident with EEE dies, second human case reportedEAST LYME, CT (WFSB) -- The first person in Connecticut who tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) has died. Health officials said on Friday the East Lyme resident was hospitalized with encephalitis in late August. This is the first fatal human case of EEE since 2013. Officials also said a second human case was reported. The patient is a resident of Old Lyme and became ill during the second week of September and remains hospitalized. “The identification of two Connecticut residents with EEE, one of whom has passed away, emphasizes the seriousness of this infection,” DPH Commissioner Renée Coleman Mitchell said in a press release. “Using insect repellent, covering bare skin and avoiding being outdoors from dusk to dawn are effective ways to help keep you from being bitten by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes continue to be active until the first heavy frost.” Mosquitoes in several towns across the state have tested positive for EEE. In neighboring Massachusetts, there have been a total of 10 human cases, including two fatalities. There have been 3 human cases in Rhode Island, with one fatality. Cities and towns across the state have been making sure town-run events and activities end before dusk, to prevent people from being bitten by mosquitoes. On Friday, Senator Richard Blumenthal urged the federal government to step in and help. "That’s why I am demanding federal officials take that action and make sure that we are investing. Devote the dollars to research and development," he said. Officials urge folks to take precautions against being bitten. For more information on EEE, <a href="" target="_blank">click here</a>. Stay with Ch. 3 as this story continues to develop.
Water authority investigating discolored water in HamdenHAMDEN, CT (WFSB) - Water officials continue to flush neighborhoods after discolored water was found in parts of Hamden on Friday. According to the Hamden Fire Department, The SCCT Regional Water Authority is investigating discolored water throughout the lower third of town. It has been flushing hydrants. "We assure you that the issue is being addressed," the fire department said. The water authority said it is working to identify and isolate the cause. "Discoloration occurs when naturally occurring minerals in the water that normally settle to the bottom of a water main are stirred up by a sudden increase in the volume of water or a change in direction of water flow in the water main," it said. "Temporarily discolored water may look unappealing, so we recommend that you wait until it clears before drinking it, showering or washing laundry." More information on discolored water can be found <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.
Family Friday: Events happening around the state this weekendNicole Nalepa has family fun events happening around the state this weekend.
New England Patriots release Antonio BrownFOXBOROUGH, MA (WFSB) -- The New England Patriots announced on Friday that they are releasing player Antonio Brown after a second woman accused him of sexual misconduct. In a statement on Friday, the team said "We appreciate the hard work of many people over the past 11 days, but we feel that it is best to move in a different direction at this time." On Monday, Sports Illustrated reported that a woman — an artist hired to paint a mural inside Brown's home in Pittsburgh — said the athlete appeared behind her on her second day working at the home. She said Brown was naked, holding a small hand towel over his genitals. Brown's attorney, Darren Heitner, went to Twitter on Monday to deny the artist's allegations. He's also accused of rape in a lawsuit by a former trainer. He has denied the allegations. The Patriots signed Brown this month hours after he was released by Oakland. He was traded to the Raiders after wearing out his welcome with the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he was a four-time All-Pro in nine seasons. Brown was only on the team for 11 days. This story is developing. Stay with Ch 3 as more information becomes available.
Driver in custody after crashing through Chicago-area mall, driving erratically insideSCHAUMBURG, Ill. (AP) — A man drove an SUV into a suburban Chicago mall on Friday, sending frightened shoppers scurrying and plowing over a kiosk before he crashed into a clothing store and was arrested. Video posted on <a href="">social media</a> shows the black Chevy Trailblazer driving through the Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg around 2:30 p.m. while shoppers and store employees run for safety. Schaumburg Police Chief Bill Wolf said investigators have not ruled out that the 22-year-old man in custody, who hasn't been identified, may be suffering from a medical condition. "There is no indication that this was a terrorist attack; there is no indication this was something pre-planned and no indication that the mall itself was a target or thought to be a target ahead of time," Wolf said. Despite the danger and chaos, police said no one was hurt, <a href="">the village posted</a> on its Facebook page. Jonathan Galingan, who manages a cosmetics store in the mall, told <a href="">the Chicago Tribune</a> that people were yelling "active shooter." However, police quickly said on the municipality's Facebook page that there was "no evidence of an active shooter situation." Witness Lateef Farooqui <a href="">told CBS 2</a> that he was on the second floor when he spotted the driver slowly navigating the corridor below "like you would a shopping cart." He said the SUV drove over a kiosk and struck a Forever 21 before the driver jumped out and was captured by police. Galingan said he didn't see the vehicle, but he saw the panic after people shouted "active shooter." "We all panicked and were in shock, so we started escorting people toward our back door," he told the Tribune. Bob Thomas, an executive at the newspaper, said he was headed to the Apple store when he heard the fire alarm go off and an announcement on the mall's loudspeakers that people should leave because there had been an incident. "I got to the center of the mall, I saw this car. It's a black SUV crashed against a pillar in front of the Clark's shoe store," Thomas said, adding that one of the front tires was flat. He said that as he took a picture, "All of a sudden the tact team came in with assault rifles and yelling, 'Get out, get out, get out of the mall." The FBI issued a statement saying it was assisting local law enforcement and that there wasn't any further threat to public safety.