Katja Herbers stars in CBS’ newest thriller, EVILas Kristen Bouchard. Herbers’ character works alongside David Acosta, played by Mike Colter, to uncover the truth behind some of the societies biggest mysteries and darkest secrets.

CBS Local’s Matt Weiss spoke with Herbers ahead of this week’s episode to get the rundown on playing a character with the weight of the world on her shoulders, her character’s relationships with those around her and what it means when a bed catches fire.

MW: Hi Katja, pleasure to speak with you today!

KH: Hey Matt, thanks same to you!

MW: What can you tell us about your character Kristen’s relationship with David at this point in the season, they had their first major disagreement and there was a situation with a steamy dream recently, where are they are right now?

KH: I think they’re really drawn to each other, I think for more than physical attraction, they really enjoy talking to each other. Kristen’s husband has been away for a long time and she would like some attention, some male attention. We did see that falling out and we also did see her dream afterwards. I think we will stay on that push and pull between them a bit longer may be.

MW: And you mention Kristen’s husband, what role do you see him playing as the season moves along, understanding he’ll be coming back soon as well.

KH: He will, actually, not in tonight’s episode but in the next episode he’ll be back, so that will change everything. I’m really excited for that show actually.

MW: Kristen’s been investigating some really intense cases this season, there was some psychopathic nine-year-old, tonight there’s a woman who believes she’s possessed. How does handling these cases effect Kristen?

KH: I think it’s a lot to carry, just the weight of evil in the world. There was an episode may be 3 episodes ago where you saw Kristen break down after the parents killed their psychopathic child and there were a bunch of people asking me ‘why did she cry?’ I really understood why she cried, just to be around that and then be surrounded by your own healthy children and to think of all the things that can go wrong in the world. I think, she doesn’t have a free moment in her day, and she loves her work, she loves her children and she’s surrounded by a lot really terrible things. I think that does weigh on her.

MW: It seems no relationship is without its complications. Can you talk about the relationship with Kristen’s mother, at the end of the last episode we saw she may have been lost to the dark side a bit, can you talk about that relationship that Kristen and her mother seem to share?

KH: Yeah, her mom helps her out with the kids. We now have this really terrible situation where she’s dating Michael Emmerson’s character and I think that I’ve taken care of it, I told her that he’s a psychopath and I let her listen to this case and I feel like that would be the end of it. But last episode we do see them in bed together and this bed catches fire so I mean it sounds like that was some pretty good intercourse [laughs] I’m not sure what that means for future episodes.

MW: Yeah, that seems like a good tell [laughs]. You’ve mentioned Kristen’s kids, what’s it like to have the kids on this show that’s dealing with some adult situations and certainly some creepy stuff?

KH: It’s wonderful. They’re just so happy to be on the show and I’m so happy that they’re there. We’re very close and also off camera, we hang out. I don’t think they feel the show is that scary because we’re having such a fun time filming it and I’m happy that they’re not actually scared. Obviously a lot of the stuff that’s really scary like George, that’s CGI, so they don’t have to live through that scariness, and also on a TV set you always know it’s not real, our job is to make it look real.

MW: Well that’s all I have for you today Katja. Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me today. Congratulations again on the show being so well received and all the best to you moving forward!

KH: Thank you very much.

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