SAVANNAH, Ga. (CBS Local) — An employee of the Chatham County Sheriff’s Office was fired Wednesday morning after he was caught on video in a verbal altercation with a customer who was speaking Spanish at a McDonald’s restaurant.

Cristina Riofrio, a 19-year-old art student who is Ecuadorian, said on Twitter that she was speaking to her friends in Spanish Saturday night at a Savannah McDonald’s when a man began yelling racist statements at them.

The man can be heard in a cell phone video telling Riofrio that he has worked for years in the U.S.

“What did you do?” he then asks. “You come on a f***ing boat.”

“Shut up!” he then barks at her. “Shut the f*** up!”

“You’re a racist,” Riofrio then tells him.

“I know I am,” the man responds. “Speak English.”

A McDonald’s employee intervened toward the end of the video, ordering the man he had to leave the restaurant.

The video went viral Sunday with over two million views on Twitter.

Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher confirmed to CBS afilliate WTOC that the man shown in the video is Walter Browning, a mechanic who had worked for the department for about three years.

“We are gonna distance ourselves from these type of people, I’m not gonna tolerate it, I’m very transparent,” Wilcher said Thursday in a news conference. “I’m gonna make sure that we’re taken care of and my people are taken care of, and I’m not going to tolerate nothing like this in my organization.”