Ultraviolet-C light may slow the spread of the flu virus. Tesla installs 300 Powerwalls to give Hawaiian students air conditioning. Man sues Microsoft for $600 million over forced Windows upgrade. Money Laundering Via Author Impersonation on Amazon? The story of Patrick Reames. An Apple Macintosh user calls in with a possible web browser hijack; we give instructions on how to clear your web browser cache in Firefox for Mac and the Safari web browser, plus how to run Malwarebytes for Mac to help remove such problems. A listener sees the mysterious “Blue Screen of Death” his Windows Computer; we help you try to determine what caused the error and how to remedy it. Caller Art has video appears strangely sized on an instructional video website; we advise a user to try a different web browser to fix the problem. OpenDNS settings gives a Comcast cable subscriber problems; we offer suggestions to get up and running.

Electric car manufacturer Tesla’s website gets hacked; exploited by crypto currency “miners.” Art from Hour 1 of the show has his video problem fixed by switching to the Firefox web browser, but now has a new difficulty accessing AOL mail. A Chrome user is having problems where video attachments need to be dowloaded before they can be viewed. We also discuss the pitfalls of running new software on older operating systems. Connecticut-based Edible Arrangements is suing Google for $209 million over alleged copyright infringement. A Windows 10 Update wreaks havoc with a listener getting her e-mail from a web browser using Comcast Internet. A caller wants to run software designed for Windows XP in Windows 10; we discuss various “virtual PC” options.


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