(CBS Connecticut) — Construction work is underway to rehab a derelict mill building in Windsor Locks, into 160 units of housing.

First Selectman Chris Kervick says the project will be a boon for economic growth in his community.

“This is a project that all of our planners have said is a catalyst that starts to make other things flow,” Kervick said. “It takes a hulking mess of an old building and converts it into usable, productive property.”

“It’s got great bones, but it has been abandoned for close to thirty years,” Kervick said.

The $62-million project is expected to be done in the summer of 2019.

The old Montgomery Mills factory building is located between the Windsor Locks Canal, and the Connecticut River.

Some of the units will be affordable housing.

  1. Happy days at last.. Wait, now the not so good news.. The smell from the River and Canal in the Summer is at times overwhelming.. Wait I’m not done. The blaring horn from the train that goes past that intersection at sometimes 60 mph 4 or 5 times a day is not very comforting.. They have to blare that horn because of the intersection on Main St. Has the old railroad station been fixed? If not that too emits a horrible order… The only nice thing is trail along the canal.. I have ridden my bike full length back and forth many times.. However I’m glad I moved and live by the Ocean.. Good luck up there..

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