(CBS Connecticut) — MassMutual has announced plans to move about 1,500 jobs to Springfield, Massachusetts over the next four years.  The employees are expected to come from Enfield.

MassMutual is currently the largest taxpayer in Enfield, and one of the communities largest employers.

Enfield officials say they are hopeful about quickly luring another company to take over the facility in their community.

They say the building was recently renovated, and the grounds are well maintained.

The new location in Springfield is close enough that many employees who live in Connecticut could remain in their current homes, and commute, say Enfield officials.

The life insurance company also plans to build a new $240-million location in Boston’s Seaport district.

Massachusetts is giving MassMutual a $46-million incentive package, according to the company.  Under the deal with Massachusetts, MassMutual must create or move 2,000 jobs in the state.

  1. Great job Malloy. Off to MA go your jobs again. More coming. Spend, spend, spend Democrats.

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