(CBS Connecticut) — Ahead of tomorrow’s General Assembly session, Democratic lawmakers from both the house and the senate laid out their policy agenda.

Democratic legislators want to waive tuition, fees and room and board for students who are approaching graduation in community colleges and state universities.

Higher Education Committee Co-chair Beth Bye says free college completion would help students cross the finish line.

“To help students get degrees that will help them earn a living wage,” Bye said. “In Connecticut you need a degree pretty much to earn a living wage. And our employers are screaming for workers. This will expedite our workforce enhancement that we need.”

It is unclear how much that proposal would cost.

Democrats also want to increase the minimum wage.

Senate President Martin Looney called for $15 an hour, phased in over several years.

Both House and Senate leaders say the minimum wage should be indexed to inflation, so it increases automatically as people’s expenses rise.


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