(CBS Connecticut) — By overwhelming majorities, the General Assembly today over-rode a veto from the governor, and restored funding to a program that helps poor seniors and disabled people pay Medicare health coverage premiums.

The funding runs through the end of the current fiscal year, at the end of June.

Democratic Senate President Martin Looney says the outcry about earlier cuts to the program show that Connecticut residents expect a higher level of benefit than the national average.

‘There is a commitment to try to find a way to sustain that program in the next year,” Looney said. “We will have to consider options like an asset test or other things to try to keep it affordable, but to provide a level of benefit that the recipients continue to expect.”

Governor Dannel Malloy had vetoed the bill, saying lawmakers paid for the program by double-counting savings elsewhere, and worsening the deficit.

One of the handful of lawmakers who opposed the veto over-ride, Rep. Diana Urban, said the General Assembly was disingenuous in the way it found money to pay for the program.


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