HARTFORD, Conn. (WTIC Radio) – Is this the year that tolls win approval in the Connecticut General Assembly?

A group of Democratic lawmakers held a press conference Monday to call for the establishment of electronic tolls to help keep Connecticut’s Special Transportation Fund solvent. The fund, which helps to pay for everything from road and bridge repairs to buses and trains, is on track to run out of money in the coming years unless something is done.

Rep. Tony Guerrera (D-Rocky Hill), co-chair of the legislature’s Transportation Committee, says he will introduce a bill requiring the DOT to come up with a plan to implement electronic tolling.

“Connecticut residents can’t afford to wait;  we must invest in transportation now,” said Guerrera. “Every day we put off making these tough decisions, we risk tragedy on our decaying roads and bridges.”

Rep. Vincent Candelora, (R-North Branford) says the legislature must proceed with caution. He wants to see a transportation plan before tolls are approved.

“Right now, I don’t support tolls and part of my reasoning for not supporting them is the fact that these tolls would end up on every single highway and would cost travelers up to $1,200 per year.” If people are going to be asked to pay more money toward transportation, Candelora says they are entitled to see the details of the plan.

Supporters estimate it would take 2-3 years to implement tolls if they are approved.


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