HARTFORD, Conn. (WTIC and AP) – A man previously convicted of multiple rapes and assaults has been found guilty of murder in the 2015 death of a woman in Connecticut.

The Hartford Courant reports that 61-year-old Robert Lee Graham was convicted Wednesday in the death of 23-year-old Tashauna Jackson.

Jackson was last seen Aug. 11, 2015, when she left her mother’s home with Graham. Her body was found a week later behind a Bloomfield store.

Police say Jackson’s blood was found inside a van belonging to Graham, and that Graham lied about the van’s whereabouts.

Graham’s attorney says that blood could have come from a minor injury, such as a nosebleed, and the prosecution’s other evidence was largely circumstantial.

Graham has a lengthy criminal history of violence against women, including convictions for rape and first-degree assault.

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  1. Thank God! This is just a small gesture in her family coming to grips with losing her, but I’m glad the piece of sh** won’t be able to hurt anyone else. It’s sad that he was even allowed back on the streets after what he’s done in the past, this could have been avoided had the justice system did their jobs!

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