(CBS Connecticut) — With a heavy police presence and a different style of conservative pundit, there were no disruptions during a speech this evening by online media figure Ben Shapiro at UConn.

The school deployed officers, event security staff, and metal barricades because back in November, a scuffle broke out during a speech by right-wing provocateur Lucian Wintrich. The Wintrich event ended with arrests.

But this time around, the less in-your-face conservative style of Ben Shapiro was met with a welcoming audience, on issues like his dismissal of the concept of transgender people and his opposition to abortion.

The ballroom was ringed by security staff, and people in the audience were required to get tickets and go through a security screening at the entrance.

During a question and answer session, a woman in the audience asked Shapiro, how he, as a white well-off religious man could tell women what she can do with her body.

“Because evil things are still evil even if I am a white well-off religious man, and good things are still good, if I am a white well-off religious man,” Shapiro said to raucous applause.

College Democrats held their own event elsewhere on campus at the same time as the Shapiro event.

A UConn spokesperson said there were no arrests related to Shapiro speech.

Comments (2)
  1. Another Commie School. Never a cent to this criminal institution.

  2. Edward Jones says:

    Religions have been telling women that they are second to men, and how to live life for thousands of years. In some cases the women listen and become stepfort wives/women.

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