Erik and Bob take your questions. Apple pledging $350 billion in investments in the United States’s economy in the next five years. Amazon will charge more for monthly Prime service vs. annual fee for Prime. An error in Google Max and Google Chromecast devices chokes home WiFi networks. Plus the latest news from the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. A listener has problems using OpenDNS when his Internet “address” keeps changing. A listener gets a suspicious telephone call claiming to be from Microsoft’s “Security Department”; we tell you how to avoid such scams by using common sense and by using services like Nomorobo (link available on our Computer Talk With TAB website). Electronic Frontier Foundation and a mobile security firm uncover Android spyware. We offer buying advice for a caller who wants to stop renting a cable modem and pay for her own modem. Plus, we give information on how to check your Internet speed, with a link to a speed test on the Computer Talk With TAB web site.

Dealing with aging iPhone battery issues. A listener seeks advice on finding help and advice in purchasing a new computer and smartphone. Using Google Project fi could lower the cell phone bill for some users. A dual-monitor laptop user is looking for a better solution to hook up a wireless keyboard an mouse; a device called a port replicator may be a viable option for this connection. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission sues several Bitcoin currency operators, alleging fraud. An e-mailer wonders what services to use in addition to Microsoft Security Essentials to keep a computer secure; we recommend running Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware on a monthly basis. To stop robocalls and calls from telemarketers; we recommend a service called Nomorobo. Get a Star Wars drone for under $75. A caller wonders if there is any way to add a full screen monitor to a smartphone to view a smartphone screen without eye stain. A caller wonders how to deal with a “Fatal Error in HP Connection Manager.” An e-mailer seeks recommendations for a small laptop he can take on vacation.


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