(CBS Connecticut) — A group of female Democratic lawmakers today announced plans for new regulations on pro-life crisis pregnancy centers.

The centers resemble abortion clinics and are sometimes located near offices that provide abortions, but instead of providing abortions the crisis pregnancy center staff tries to dissuade women from having abortions.

The pro-choice organization NARAL Connecticut Director Sarah Croucher says the bill will focus on commercial speech, not what is said inside the centers.

“The problem is when people are falsely advertising, and passing themselves off as having services that they don’t,” Croucher said. “Real healthcare providers are licensed by the state, they undergo [licensing] processes, they have licensed medical providers on site, providing care, and that is not the case at most of these centers.”

“Anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers deliberately try to lure in women seeking legitimate reproductive healthcare,” Croucher said.

But the Family Institute of Connecticut says the centers do not mislead women.

The conservative group says the centers are not engaging in commercial speech because they are nonprofits.

The US Supreme Court has ruled that false or misleading commercial speech is not protected by the first amendment, and can be prohibited.

The language of the bill has yet to be filed.

  1. Mike Brown says:

    Bad title. These so called Crisis Pregnancy Centers are designed to trick women who want to terminate their pregnancy and to promote their special brand of religion. The phrase “pro-life” is a cynical frame for denying women their constitutional rights.

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