Erik and Bob take your technology questions. Senator wants Apple to answer questions about slowing iPhones. Man charged in “Fruitfly” Mac spyware case. Connecticut man to plead guilty in celebrity hacking incidents. Small-town broadband is cheaper than big cable company packages, Harvard study says. A listener wonders about horizontal “ghosting” lines that appear on an iPad 2 mini; can the screen be repaired? We give advice on whether to repair an old computer or replace it with another, plus information on how a “hybrid” combination solid-state and “traditional” hard drive can be used for faster computer startup times. A man wonders if the “encrypted” e-mail he received on his iPad is legitimate. A caller recounts his experiences in trying to get his iPhone 6 battery replaced under the new Apple battery replacement program. Plus, thanks to a tip from our listeners, we give a link on our website to the “Battery Life” app. This app will give you information about the battery strength of your iOS device. A caller wonders if he should be running two anti-virus apps on his Android phone to avoid viruses. We recommend against running two anti-virus programs at the same time as it degrades performance. Plus, we discuss “encrypting” data on your phone to protect data, plus the dangers of losing encrypted data if you forget your phone’s passcode. A caller wants to know if there is any substantive difference in purchasing a computer with an Intel vs. AMD chipset. Plus, we let you know if you really are required to pay a rental fee to use Microsoft Office on a continuing basis. Information on using the OpenDNS service to use the Internet with more safety.

A caller wonders if Avast anti-virus is better than Windows Defender. We recommend using only one antivirus program along with the OpenDNS service to surf the Internet more safely. Fisker shows off an electric car with 400-mile range at CES. A listener wonders about disappearing e-mails on her iPad that disappear every three weeks, plus we offer suggestions on how to keep your mailbox tidy. A man seeks help recovering his contact list data and pictures from a “backup” hard drive. We offer tips and strategies for a successful backup. Microsoft to halt “Meltdown” and “Spectre” patches after reports of unbootable PCs. A Windows 10 computer gets stuck continuously attempting to install security updates, we offer suggestions to fix the problem. Finally, we assist a listener who cannot open links in Microsoft Outlook and receives the error “This operation has been cancelled due to restrictions” when he tries to do so.


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