HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Connecticut’s U.S. senators are pressing their colleagues in Washington to do more to help residents of Puerto Rico.

Democratic Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy visited the island last week to see the how recovery efforts are going since Hurricane Maria struck more than 100 days ago.

Speaking on the Senate floor Thursday, Blumenthal said “Puerto Rico is in the midst of a humanitarian and economic crisis.”

It’s the latest example of Connecticut’s efforts since Hurricane Maria to help Puerto Ricans, who represent about 8.4 percent of the state’s total population.
Connecticut has been a destination for many evacuees. Various assistance programs have been set up, including mental health services and help with finding child care.

National Guard members and state troopers have traveled to Puerto Rico to help out.

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  1. Someone should inform these 2 Senators Murphy & Blumenthal of the humanitarian and economic crisis in Connecticut that’s been going on under their watch ,Never mind getting out there and trying to look so special to grab some votes, The Feds’s are doing everything possible to help the Island and when it’s over it will no doubt be in better shape then ever before . I think for Ct. sake these 2 Senators should not run again and allow people who are looking to fix and mend this Country run, They can both then spend all their time on CNN instead of just making pocket change when they appear at least twice a week , Maybe a good start would be to donate that pocket change to the needy right here in Ct, That might earn some respect.

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