A lot happened in Connecticut in 2017, and we followed it all each morning with Ray Dunaway. Below, you’ll find the top interviews with Ray over the past year, which range from the state’s long-running budget crisis, to the first year of Donald Trump’s presidency. These were the most listened to, most read, and most downloaded segments from Mornings with Ray Dunaway for 2017:

The Bottle Bill

Lou Burch from  Citizens Campaign For The Environment, made the case for increasing the bottle deposit, including an additional deposit on non-carbonated beverages.

Will the State Sales Tax Increase?

One element of the ongoing budget debate throughout the year was a potential increase of the state sales tax. Tim Phelan, President of the Connecticut Retail Merchants Association, discussed the mechanics of this allegedly billion-dollar idea.

Revisiting Ted Kennedy Jr’s 2014 Campaign

Jon Lender, reporter on the politics and government beat for the Hartford Courant, revisited Ted Kennedy Jr.’s 2014 Campaign, which is still under scrutiny, and showcases election-reform troubles.

Happy Retirement Week!

Jill Schlesinger, CFP® CBS News  Business Analyst, is our guest every Monday, but her most listened-to segment was back in April, when she discussed “Retirement Week.”

Trump’s First 100 Days

It’s impossible to talk about the news in 2017 without including Donald Trump. Scott McLean, Professor of political science at Quinnipiac University, looked at the presidency at its first major milestone, the first 100 days.

Why Didn’t Malloy’s Budget Project a Deficit?

Keith Phaneuf, CT Mirror.org State budget reporter, joined Ray to look at the curious case of two budgets… the Office of Fiscal Analysis had projected a deficit early in 2017, while Gov. Dan Malloy’s budget proposal at the time predicted a surplus. The state budget took many more shapes since April, but it’s telling that such a discrepancy in analyses would surface so early in what became a tumultuous year for the state and its finances.


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