Erik and Bob discuss the recent repeal of “Net Neutrality” regulations and its impact, and answer your technology questions. A listener gets advice on how to clean inkjet cartridges, plus advice on how to configure OpenDNS if you can’t do so in your router to surf the web safely. A listener wonders how Netflix streaming would be affected by Net neutrality, and about the current state of fiber optic Internet service availability.

A listener asks for advice for a caller on how to fix problems with Windows Update for Windows 10 when updates fails to install, plus help for a problem when Windows fails to start correctly due to a wrong partition marked as “active.” We give advice on how to properly get data moved from an old computer no longer being used, and when it is best to seek professional assistance for the task. A listener asks if clearing the browser cache in Google Chrome web browserwill affect your Internet favorites (bookmarks.) Plus we give information on how to export (save) Internet favorites for backup purposes, and give information on how to download the super-fast Mozilla Firefox “Quantum” browser on our website. Erik responds as a listener wonders how Net Neutrality regulations will affect legitimate streaming services like Roku and also how grey-market media straming devices may be affected. We counsel a listener on how to set up OpenDNS service on an Android tablet. We assist a listener in getting “disappearing” desktop icons to reappear in Windows 10.


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