Erik and Bob take your technology questions. Los Angeles police warn drivers not to trust GPS’s as wildfires flare. Amazon and Google in dispute over streaming media content. Ex-“Wonder Woman” star Lynda Carter appears in a cute public service announcement supporting single player games. We help a listener with an HP Laserjet printer with corrupted firmware get back to printing. And the printer problems continue as we help another listener set up an “IP address reservation” to fix problems with wireless printing. How to dispose of old hard drives. How to transfer pictures from and old computer to a new one. Plus we offer advice on using Windows Defender anti-virus and OpenDNS to keep your computer safe. How to buy a modem that is compatible with Comcast cable Internet Service (and stop paying monthly rental fees to your cable provider!)

Special guest Ana Radelat from The Connecticut Mirror joins us to talk about possible fake “comments” to the Federal Communications Commission on the topic of Net Neutrality. The comments may actually have been generated by computerized “robots” rather than actual people. Ana and Erik discuss these effects on the regulatory process. Erik continues with his opinions on the Net Neutrality issue and its significance for the consumer. A caller wonders what types of information that can be stored on the memory card of his phone. We help a caller who is having problems with his firewall preventing streaming music wirelessly through Bose SoundTouch speakers on a Windows computer. A caller wonders if an e-mail saying that AT&T e-mail service will no longer be provided through Yahoo, and wonders about its legitimacy. Erik warns us not to trust the lock icon in the browser to assume a website is legitimate, because spammers use them too. A caller wonders if “free” streaming content via services like Kodi is legitimate and legal. It isn’t, and we offer advice on how to stay safe. Bonus tip: How to clear your cache in Mozilla Firefox.


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