(CBS Connecticut) — A fired car dealership employee from Milford faces charges including threatening, after police say they found a homemade explosive device at his residence.

Richard Dunn had been fired from Stevens Ford at the start of the month. Police say when he visited the dealership several days later to pick up his last paycheck, he spoke about using an explosive device to hurt other employees.

The following day, officers were speaking to employees, when Dunn arrived at the dealership, saying he needed an oil change.

Police interviewed Dunn, and he was eventually sent for a psychiatric evaluation.

The 52-year-old was charged with threatening, but police later found a homemade explosive device at his place of residence.

Investigators say it was an M-80 with BB’s glued to it. The bomb squad dealt with the device.

Officers also found BB guns, an electronic defense weapon, knives, swords, and a bow and arrow.

Police say Dunn is a convicted felon, so he could face more charges related to the weapons.


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