WATERBURY, Conn. (AP and CBS Connecticut) — A judge has set $3 million bail for a man charged with killing a 16-year-old girl found shot to death in a vehicle that had crashed in Connecticut.

In court paperwork released today, Waterbury Police write that 27-year-ol Dominique Pittman changed his story several times… But he eventually admitted pulling the trigger, when murder victim Evelyse Santiago was shot twice in the head.

Twenty-seven-year-old Pittman was arraigned Wednesday in Waterbury on murder and a weapons charge in connection with the Monday night death of city resident Evalyce Santiago.

Police allege Pittman fatally shot Santiago in the vehicle before it crashed around 8:30 p.m. Monday. They say Pittman told officers he and Santiago had struggled over the gun in the vehicle and it went off.

The state’s attorney said murder Pittman tried to mislead investigators. In court paperwork, police say Pittman falsely claimed there was a third person in the car who shot Evelyse Santiago.

Speaking outside of the courthouse, Keisha Negron said the 16-year-old was like a little sister to her.

“Its not her fault.  It was a senseless death.  It wasn’t her fault that she died, she had trust in him,” Negron said. “Remember her by her smile, by who she really was.”

But James Murphy knows Pittman from a recording studio, and says he doesn’t believe the charges.

“He worked with us for years, he doesn’t get in trouble, he doesn’t bother anybody,” Murphy said.

Pittman was previously held on $1 million bond. His public defender says Pittman has held his job for five years and supports three children.

As the defendant was led out of the courtroom, friends and relatives shouted “We love you Dom.”

Clad in a white prisoner jumpsuit, Pittman tried to stay in the courtroom to see them. He was forced through a doorway by marshals.

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