by Rob Joyce

For the second year, the NFL loosened their strict uniform guidelines for a week, allowing players to customize their cleats for a charitable effort. The “My Cause My Cleats” campaign lets players showcase whatever cause or organization means most to them, with the goal of raising money. There were hundreds of different designs on the field in Week 13, but as a smattering we’ve narrowed our list of assorted cleats down to a dozen, based on Dick’s Sporting Goods’ best-selling player jerseys (minus the laundry list of players on injured reserve).

Here are what these superstars were flashing in Week 13:

Carson Wentz:

The league’s most popular jersey this year, the MVP candidate promoted the organization he founded, the AO1 Foundation. The group’s goal is to provide help and opportunity to those in need.

Dak Prescott:

The Cowboys’ signal caller also went with his organization, “Faith, Fight, Finish Foundation” that predominantly raises cancer awareness. Four years ago Prescott’s mother died from colon cancer.

Tom Brady:

The future Hall of Famer highlighted multiple groups on his cleats, including (but not limited to): The Jimmy Fund, The Pat Tillman Foundation, the American Heart Association, his own TB12 Foundation and the Parkinson Foundation. On top of that, the cleats will be auctioned off, with the proceeds going to Best Buddies.

Von Miller:

Always with an eye to fashion, Miller went with two separate cleats, highlighting two different causes. The left cleat supported the All-Pro’s “Von’s Vision” organization that aims to provide eye care and glasses to children in need in the Denver Area. The right cleat raised awareness for Lupus, after a childhood friend was recently diagnosed.

Antonio Brown:

The Steelers’ wide receiver is an advocate for ending sexual abuse, with stop signs and the words “No Means No”.

Rob Gronkowski:

In a very Gronk move, he didn’t fill out the NFL paperwork in time, so he couldn’t wear custom cleats. However he did post a video promoting his “Gronk Nation Youth Foundation”.

Julio Jones:

julio jones My Cause My Cleats

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

The Falcons’ wide receiver wore cleats supporting the International Justice Mission that helps abused and abandoned children across the world. They also try and assist in ending other awful human rights violations globally.

Matthew Stafford:

Stafford has been heavily involved in the Detroit community since being drafted in 2009. His cleats showcased the SAY Detroit Play Center, a youth center providing assorted athletic and academic after-school programs.

Mitchell Trubisky:

The Bears’ rookie supports the “Thumbs Up Mission” that helps families fighting cancer through retreats and getaways meant to boost the hope and bond of those battling.

Luke Kuechly:

The Panthers’ All-Pro honored the “Project Life Movement”, where he is an ambassador. With the non-profit he helps recruit college students to register for bone marrow and tissue donation. The goal is to have young adults grow the national registry list because they have the most successful matches.

Russell Wilson:

With the help of a few Seattle-based artists, the Seahawks’ signal caller’s cause is the “Why Not You Foundation” that is meant to empower children through opportunity. A weekly visitor at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, Wilson is heavily involved in the Seattle community, especially with kids.


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