Erik and Bob join special guest John Ryan to discuss your digital photography issues. Gaping security flaw in macOS Sierra 10.13 allows complete access to the computer. East Hartford company pushes ahead with fiber optic access over telecom companies’ objections. Not all iPhone X devices are created equal based on hardware chips, study says. Yashica raises over 1.25 million dollars to create new digital camera with unique film “cartridge” that keeps some features of older “traditional” cameras. John gives a caller recommendations for a easy-to-use “point-and-shoot” camera. Advice on charging digital camera batteries with an external charger. A listener wonders if older Nikon 1970’s camera lenses will work with newer Nikon digital cameras. A listener wonders when the new Yashica technology will become available, plus has battery compatibility questions. Plus, tips on how to “unformat” a mistakenly formatted camera memory card, so that you can retrieve previously-erased digital pictures. “PhotoRescue” program recovers deleted pictures from your camera card. Plus a pro tip: Use a card reader, and not the digital camera itself, to transfer your photos to a computer. A caller seeks a Windows 10 compatible solution for converting slides to digital media. And John offers more advice as people sometimes forget to back up and print their digital photos, which can cause your precious memories to become lost in the event of a device failure.

Google boss wars of “forgotten century” due to lack of backup of digital pictures. A listener looks for a replacement to the “Photo Gallery” program that was used in Windows 7. Erik and John discuss the pitfalls of backing up your photos to large commercial “cloud” backup services. John discusses a great deal on a Nikon Landscape and Macro Lens. Polaroid cameras may see a resurgence thanks to a new company which acquired the brand. A caller wonders why Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom now are sold by monthy subscription, and John describes the difference between the Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Lightroom products, plus how to obtain some “legacy” Adobe products free of charge. Erik offers advice on antivirus software for a Samsung Galaxy S II phone. We offer troubleshooting advice for a persistent wireless printing problem. John offers advice for upgrading to a newer point and shoot camera in the $300 to $500 price range.


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