(CBS Connecticut) — At a hearing today, West Hartford residents urged state officials to take away the liquor license of Los Imperios Bar and Restaurant.

Neighbor Chris Holley says his daughter worries about the fights and gunfire at the bar.

Holley says he told her that if there was more gunfire at the bar, people there would be shooting at each other, and she would not be hit because she was on the second floor of their home, and the bullets would not come up that high.

But Los Imperios owner Ernesto Leone says he has been attacked from day one with negative publicity from the town.

He says he is trying to work with the town.

West Hartford officials say Los Imperios has failed to pay an $85,000 bill from the town for police protection.

Officials describe an obstacle course of broken bottles, used condoms, and tampons outside the bar.

The Liquor Control Commission is expected to issue a decision at a later date.


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