(West Hartford, Conn./CBS Connecticut) – Air travel is expected to be up during this extended holiday period.

Travel experts say they’re expecting a 5.5-percent increase over last year.

AAA says about a quarter-million New Englanders are planning to fly to their holiday destination.

And that means busy airports and long waits to check in and board flights.

Suzanne Aresco is director of travel for AAA’s Hartford region. She says there are ways to make going through security easier.

She says be mindful of electronics when you get to the security checkpoint.

Also, with liquids, anything under three ounces should be placed in a small bag to it can be easily accessed by security personnel.

Aresco says plan on arriving at the airport about 90 minutes ahead of time for a domestic flight.

The TSA says double that–about three hours–if you’re taking an international flight.


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