(CBS Connecticut) — The National Transportation Safety Board recently issued a preliminary report on a deadly September plane crash in North Branford.

The report does not specify a cause of the crash. Two people were killed — Plainville race car driver Ted Christopher, and pilot Charles Dundas.

The NTSB report notes that the two men had flown the same route many times before from Plainville to West Hampton Beach, on Long Island.

Witnesses told investigators they heard a crash in the trees that sounded like gravel being dumped out of a truck.

Nearby homeowners were the first to find the plane.

The single-engine Mooney M-20-C had struck a 75-foot tall pine tree while in a steep descent.

The right wing was ripped off in the crash, and the plane came to rest against some trees.

The propeller remained attached after the crash, but one of the three blades was bent.


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