(FARMINGTON,Conn./CBS Connecticut) – Three vehicles were stolen and four vehicles were burglarized early Tuesday in Farmington.Two of the stolen vehicles had GPS tracking and were tracked to Waterbury and were being operated by several what appeared to be juveniles. One of the vehicles fled from police and the occupants of another fled on foot.A 15 year old girl from Waterbury was taken into custody.Police say she has been arrested several times in the past for her role in burglarizing vehicles and possession stolen motor vehicles.

The second vehicle was located a short distance away in Waterbury.The vehicle attempted to ram several police vehicles , attempted to hit a State Trooper who had to jump out of the way.The vehicle then drove off the road onto sidewalks and grassy areas to avoid police.It was located several streets away.Four other vehicles from prior thefts in area towns were located where the second car was abandoned.

Police say the same 15 to 20 juvenile suspects are routinely heading to towns outside of Waterbury to steal from unlocked vehicles.They will take cars with keys or key fobs left inside them.According to police the suspects will not stop when signaled to do so and are oftentimes armed.


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