(CBS Connecticut) — An array of law enforcement agencies are joining forces in the state to battle criminals who operate online.

The Connecticut Cyber Task Force will include staff from local police departments, State Police, and federal agents.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Thomas Lawler says the kinds of cybercrimes reported in the state are similar to the online crimes reported around the country.

“The number of calls the FBI is receiving in the last year or so has increasing dramatically, especially around ransomeware attacks, where the adversary is locking the victim’s computer up, locking the data, and extorting them for money,” Lawler said.

The task force will battle attempts to intrude on the computer systems of businesses.

It will also target illegal activity on the so-called dark web, where illegal drugs, child pornography, and personal data can be bought and sold.

Federal officials can help state and local officials extradite online criminals from other countries, if necessary.


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