(CBS Connecticut) — The flu has resumed circulating in Connecticut.

Experts are expecting an active flu season.

Department of Public Health Influenza Surveillance Coordinator Alan Siniscalchi said twenty-three positive lab tests have been reported in the state in recent weeks.

“We have been seeing a slight increase in laboratory-confirmed flu cases around the state,” Siniscalchi said. “There are cases identified in various parts of the state, but the overall activity is still low.”

Influenza is considered sporadic in Connecticut.

A strain of flu that caused a large number of hospitalizations in the southern hemisphere during their winter is expected to be common in North America this year. The flu season in the southern half of the globe is often a good predictor of what the northern half of the world will experience a few months later.

Siniscalchi urges people to get vaccinated — including children and older people.

“We follow very closely all of the studies that have reviewed the safety of the flu vaccine,” Siniscalchi said. “Flu vaccines are one of the safest types of vaccine. There are very few if any side effects.”

The state’s flu surveillance report can be found here.


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