(CBS Connecticut) — Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy today urged the president not to decertify the Iran nuclear deal. Murphy  said he hoped that if the president does decertify the deal, that Congressional Republicans would refuse to put sanctions back on Iran.

Murphy said pulling out of the Iran deal would make a peaceful settlement of the North Korea standoff more difficult.

“The decision by Trump to pull out of the Iran nuclear agreement, almost guarantees that [North Korean leader] Kim Jong-un will not negotiate with America,” Murphy said. “If the message we send to the North Koreans is that we don’t uphold our end of nuclear agreements, why on Earth would North Korea enter into a new nuclear agreement?”

President Donald Trump has until Sunday to act, if he wants to decertify the deal under which Iran curbed its nuclear program, in return for an end to economic sanctions.

The agreement would still be in effect, unless Congress puts sanctions back on Iran within 60-days.

The president has called the Obama administration agreement the worst deal ever.


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