by Rob Joyce

A common jest among football aficionados is that the NFL stands for “No Fun League”, and they’re not necessarily wrong. After all, by rule an excessive celebration penalty had the same consequence (15 yards) as a defender trying to decapitate a wide receiver with a violent blow to the head. The oft-embattled league was able to tweak something for the better in the offseason, relaxing the rules on celebrations.

While we’re not in the golden age of Chad Johnson, there have been some creative post-touchdown merriments. Through the first five weeks here are the best:

6) JuJu Smith-Schuster:

The Steelers’ rookie has found the end zone twice this season, and both times he’s taken full advantage. In Week 2 he played a dice game with his teammates, but it’s his Week 4 effort against the Ravens that makes this list. A big Dragon Ball Z fan, he imitated Goku’s “Kamehameha” move and last Sunday even wore DBZ-inspired cleats.

5) Marvin Jones & Golden Tate:

When Jones found the end zone in Week 2 at MetLife Stadium he and fellow Lions wideout Golden Tate got into a heated battle of fake table tennis, but it’s lineman Graham Glasgow who really should be the focal point. All he wants to do is play!

As an aside, the Lions are lead the league in great celebrations that include double-dutch and curling.

4) Devonta Freeman:

Because it caused a delay once after Jimmy Graham bent it, players still can’t dunk the ball through the goalpost, but that doesn’t mean all basketball-related cellys are off the table. Chiefs’ tight end Demetrius Harris did it in Week 1, but the Falcons’ running back gets the nod for two reasons: first, his accuracy from long-range was Steph Curry-esque. Secondly, with seconds notice, NBC went into commercial by playing the old “NBA on NBC” theme song. Props all around.

3) Torrey Smith:

It’s still baseball season! Not in Philadelphia (the Phillies finished in the NL East basement), but it was amusing nonetheless to see Torrey Smith channel his inner Rhys Hoskins on Sunday. After scoring a 59-yard touchdown Smith waited for his teammates to race down so he could hit a home run off Nelson Agholor. In the pantheon of air home runs it’s second, only to Jake Taylor’s blast in Major League.

2) Taco Charlton:

It may have happened in the preseason, but it’s a Super Bowl-worthy celebration. The Cowboys’ first-round pick lived up to his nickname by collecting a sack and, well, making tacos. He sprinkled the cheese on top and handed them out for all of his teammates to eat.

1) Kyle Rudolph:

On Monday night the Vikings’ tight end got the whole offense involved when he found paydirt, with a classic children’s game. Although it didn’t come without some controversy! It sparked a social media war over whether it’s called “duck, duck, goose” or “duck, duck, gray duck” (it’s obviously the first one, despite what it’s called in Minnesota).


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