That was the common refrain in the post game interview room Friday Night at Pratt and Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field. Coach Randy Edsall, Vontae Diggs, Bryant Shirreffs  and Anthony Watkins Jr. all used the word to describe their reaction to Memphis 70-31 win.

In 1,087 previous games, UConn had never given up as many as 70 points in a game. Only one other time had they given up more than 711 yards of total offense. It was another in a series of difficult days for Billy Crocker’s defense. The Huskies gave up big play after big play , 9 of 20 yards or more. They again couldn’t get off the field on third down, Memphis going 13 of 20 on third down. Either Riley Ferguson, who threw 7 touchdown passes or Anthony Miller, who caught 15 passes for 224 yards and 4 touchdowns, will be AAC Offensive Player of the Week. It will be the third time in four weeks an opponent offensive player will be honored by their conference.

But the offense doesn’t escape blame here. After putting up 21 points in the first 23 minutes, UConn scored just 10 points the rest of the way. They coughed up the football twice (and there was one special teams turnover) , costing them 14 points. But in reality, 31 points should be enough to win a game.

The head coach was blunt ,as always, in his assessment of the problems afterwards. There was no sugar coating the problem, no discussion of love and caring, or tugging at the rope, just cold hard facts. I hope the fans and players appreciate that. This will not be a quick fix and it might be more difficult than anyone imagined. But here, patience is a virtue.

The Huskies are back at work, preparing for Saturdays road trip to Temple. More on that game later in the week.



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