(CBS Connecticut) — With closed-door state budget negotiations still ongoing, it appears there is still a wide gap between the parties. Governor Dannel Malloy today said there would have to be a lot of movement to get an agreement by October 13.

“It’s difficult for people to move those kinds of amounts of money around in a budget, so I don’t want to give a false f hope.  People are working, I am appreciative of the working, but we are talking hundreds of millions of dollars off,” Malloy said.

Because of scheduling conflicts including a wedding for lawmakers after October 13, it could take several weeks to get the General Assembly back into session after that date.

The budget was supposed to be done by the end of June.

Connecticut has now been without a formal taxing and spending plan for more than three months, as lawmakers grapple with a 2-year, 3.5-billion dollar deficit.


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