Erik and Bob take your technology questions and explain why Whip City is offering 1000-megabit fiber optic broadband service in the Westfield, Massachusetts area.

Apple computers are at risk from missing firmware updates, while the iPhone 8 debuts with wireless charging… but is slower than its rivals.

Learn how to put a larger hard drive in an older laptop computer, plus how to transfer your data. And accounting firm Deloitte suffers a data breach with client and staff information… what happens next in this story?

A listener wants to stop online service software from launching on a Samsung tablet, and another asks for tips to free up storage space on an Android smartphone.

The Federal Communications Commission wants Apple to turn on FM radio chips on its phones amid recent weather disasters.

A listener tries to fix a very old laptop which does not start up, and we offer some tips to help. Next up, fixing videos that will not play on the Firefox web browser from a news network website, how to “unlock” the “secret” FM tuner in your Android-based phone, copying a medical CAT scan image to a CD, and clearing a virus from your Android-based smartphone.

And amateur radio operators are helping move messages in disaster-stricken Puerto Rico… find out how.


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