by Rob Joyce

For as long as they’ve played baseball, players have worn hats. It’s as engrained into the game as mitts and bases. But that has never stopped certain players from growing out their long locks – or “flow”, as the kids today call it (or so I’m told). But the “Flow Bros” of the world lost a member on Monday, when Mets’ pitcher Jacob deGrom showed up to the team facilities with a clean-cut look.

It’s unclear if this is just a winter look, or if it’s going to stay that way come spring training next February. Either way, a lot of Mets fans seem as upset about this as they were to see their season end. So who is next up on the list of best hair in baseball as the postseason begins? We’ve got you covered:

5) Taylor Motter:

Who is Taylor Motter? The 26-year-old played in 92 games with the Mariners this year. His stats: .257 average, seven home runs, 12 stolen bases and millions of long, flowing locks.

4) Francisco Lindor:

All you need to know about the Indians’ shortstop and his hair is that in June he threatened to shave his head if the team didn’t start winning. People freaked out, and Cleveland went 72-32 the rest of the way, including an American League record 22-game win streak. That’s enough for us to put him on the list.

3) Noah Syndergaard:

(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

deGrom may have cut his locks, but his fellow Queens pitcher hasn’t. The long blonde locks of Syndergaard can’t go away anytime soon – the nickname “Thor” can’t go on if he cuts his hair. Besides, the hair is probably a plus in his back-and-forth feud with Mr. Met for Mrs. Met’s heart.

2) Andrew Benintendi:

The Red Sox rookie and fellow teammate Brock Holt are usually in a battle for best hair in the clubhouse, but in this list Benny takes the cake.

1) Bryce Harper:

(Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images)

There have been a few different styles over the course of his career, but nearly all of them have looked sharp for Harper. He clearly puts time into his hairstyle, even for it to be covered by a hat or helmet a vast majority of the time. But along with his 2015 MVP Award and five All-Star appearances, he can add “Best Hair in Baseball” to his list of accolades.


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