(CBS Connecticut) — In a speech in New Haven today, Acting Drug Enforcement Administration leader Chuck Rosenberg called for a change in culture, to address the opioid epidemic.

Visiting Yale on his last workday before stepping down, Rosenberg said some patients must learn to accept a certain level of pain — instead of taking opioid pain medication that can lead to heroin abuse.

“Why is it that we think we have to eliminate all pain at all times, under all circumstances?” Rosenberg asked. “Four out of five heroin users started on prescription pills.”

Rosenberg says patients must properly dispose of their medication, and doctors must become more cautious in their prescription of opioids.

About two months before Rosenberg’s departure, he wrote a memo to DEA employees critical of President Donald Trump’s comments that police no longer had to worry about making sure suspects did not hit their heads while getting into police cruisers.


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