(CBS Connecticut) — The National Association of Medical Examiners this afternoon said the Connecticut Chief State Medical Examiner’s office has had its provisional accreditation extended for a year, instead of being given full accreditation.

The short-term accreditation lasts through September 27, 2018.

The office is waiting for the state budget, to learn if it will get money to hire two more badly-needed medical examiners, to address some of the accreditation issues.

Chief State Medical Examiner James Gill says the number of autopsies his office performs has increased in recent years.

“There is really a limit to the number of autopsies a medical examiner can do in a year,” Gill said. “Just as you would not want your surgeon to be doing 20-surgeries a day — it is a little different — but still there is a time component too it, and when you start having to do more cases, there is a risk of cutting corners or making mistakes.”

There has been a big increase in possible heroin and fentanyl overdose deaths requiring autopsies.

The office has addressed some of the concerns of the national association — like getting more refrigerator space for bodies.


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