(Killingly, CONN./ CBS Connecticut) — A Massachusetts man was arrested after being pulled over in Killingly with crack cocaine and heroin in his car.

State Police say, 24-year-old Shaquille Reece of Webster, Massachusetts made an illegal u-turn on Broad Street in Danielson. He was pulled over on Reynolds Street in Killingly. The trooper who pulled him over noticed he had an unregistered trailer attached to his Cadillac Escalade.

The trooper then searched the car and found a machete and a bag of heroin. K9 Ambrie, a narcotic detecting labrador, sniffed Mr. Reece and was alerted to an odor near his waist band area. Reece had been carrying 15 bags of crack cocaine. Also seized was $1076 dollars in cash.

Reece was arrested and charged with Possession of Narcotics, Possession with intent to sell narcotics, weapons in a motor vehicle, making an illegal u-turn, and towing an unregistered vehicle. He’s being held on $2,500 bond and will appear in court Thursday.


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