CBS Local — It’s been a rough year for the airline industry’s reputation, but Netflix is offering to help them win some points back with their flyers. According to reports, the entertainment company has announced its plan to partner with airlines and share their mobile streaming technology with them.

The partnerships would also improve each airline’s in-flight Wi-Fi, meaning passengers would be able to download and stream their favorite shows on their own devices during the long trip to their destination. Netflix’s more efficient streaming technology would reportedly also allow carriers to save up to 75 percent on their bandwidth costs.

The streaming service has already partnered with airliners in the past to bring free Wi-Fi to companies like Virgin America, Aeromexico, and Qantas.

The new plan, announced during the 2017 APEX Expo on Sept. 25, would bring the ultra-efficient technology to more airlines starting in 2018. Netflix didn’t publicly name any potential partners during the announcement. One catch in the plan: the mass streaming ability will reportedly still rely on a high-quality satellite signal in order to service everyone on board the plane all at once.

The concept of personalized in-flight entertainment, however, will likely entice providers large and small to sign on with Netflix.