Erik and Bob take your questions. Anyone may unfreeze your Experian credit report, a computer security blogger claims… so what can you do about it? Liftmaster will allow you to control your garage door opener with Google Assistant– for a fee, Amazon Echo’s voice assistant gains new Star Trek skills, and Tesla’s electric car trounces supercars in the World’s Greatest Drag Race.

Learn about fixing an old Acer tablet stuck in startup mode, whether a photograph will fool new facial recognition technology on upcoming Apple iPhone, and what makes for a good indoor television antenna. Plus, Erik’s refrigerator gets a replacement fan–and a firmware update, and are DVDs on the way out?

Erik and Bob continue answering your technology questions. Find out how to transfer data from an old computer hard drive to a new one (plus recommended data recovery services if the transfer does not work). We troubleshoot problems receiving e-mails from work with a Macintosh computer, explain how to clear the cache in Mozilla Firefox, and discuss the best way to set up e-mail for a business.

A listener’s anti-virus software does not show any concerns… could this possibly indicate a possible problem? Learn how to deal with a fake virus warning that appears in your web browser (browser hijacking), how to configure OpenDNS to surf the web more safely, and how to reset your web browser to recover from a browser hijack.


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