Erik flies solo answering your computer questions.

Some Tesla electric car models travel farther on a charge during hurricane Irma– we tell you how this can happen. And new iPhone models will charge faster, but there is a catch. Apple’s new facial recognition is more secure… for a sleeping user.

Google will delete your Android backups if the phone or tablet is unused for two months… why? What are the minimum processor and RAM recommendations for a new computer? We’ll find out.

A listener tries to troubleshoot a “Bad Pool Header” error, and we explain how to use the System File Checker and “Check Disk” programs to troubleshoot computer problems, retrieve data from an old hard drive that is crashed, and Hard drive enclosures and disk recovery services explained.

Plus, learn how to fix a “directory name invalid” error message, and get tips for configuring OpenDNS with Comcast Internet Service.

The Equifax data breach could have been fixed months earlier, a story claims, while a National Transportation Safety Board report finds problems with both driver and car during fatal Tesla crash involving self-driving feature, and Homeland Security Deparment bans Kaspersky software for government use due to security concerns.

Finally, learn how to deal with malicious Firefox update popups, change which program opens Microsoft Word documments by default, and fix “Low Disk Space” on the recovery partition of HP computers.


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