(Hartford, CONN/ CBS Connecticut) — A vote on Connecticut’s overdue state budget collapsed at the Capitol Thursday night, as Democrats and Republicans continue to battle over the state’s financial future.

House Republican leader Themis Klarides said “We are going home after being here all day long when the democrats, in control of the house and senate, called us in to vote on a budget.” She also said that there is no budget to vote on, and that democrats do not have the votes to pass a spending plan.

Democrats and Governor Malloy had agreed to a new plan which included no increases in the state sales or income taxes, and hundreds of millions of dollars in spending cuts. Also included was a plan to pour funding back into local municipalities. Republicans have criticized revenue increases in the Democrats’ budget plan. The GOP plan has no tax increases.

The Senate will convene Friday at noon, and is expected to vote. It remains to be seen when the House will convene.

Governor Malloy has been running state finances on his executive authority since the fiscal year began without a budget July 1st. Social service programs have endured massive cuts in funding. If a new spending plan is not passed by October first, an executive order will go into effect, and schools across Connecticut will lose state funding.


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