This was supposed to be a preview of USF and Saturday’s game with UConn. But, as you know by now, Mother Nature has gotten in the way. In the interest of the safety of the USF travel party getting back to Tampa on Saturday, the game has been cancelled.

Yes, it is disappointing, especially for the UConn seniors who miss out on one more opportunity to play in front of the home fans at The Rent. Randy Edsall always talks about a game being one of 12 opportunities. Well, one of those opportunities is gone. And it’s disappointing for fans who were making the USF game their one and only trip to a game this season. Hopefully, they will have a chance to come to one of the three remaining home games.

But common sense won out here. With the entire state of Florida going into shutdown mode, it would have made no sense for the USF football travel party to be flying home on Saturday afternoon. And hopefully the AAC looked at it’s schedule and did everything possible to try and reschedule the game. I know the two teams don’t have a common bye week but…..

So for the Huskies, it’s an unexpected Saturday off and you just wonder how having two weeks off in September will affect the progress of this team. It is not  an ideal situation but you have to deal with the unexpected curves that life throws at you.

Enjoy your weekend and on to Virginia.


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