Erik and Bob take your technology questions and discuss the Chevrolet Volt electric car suffering from faulty battery. So says Chevy in a warning to customers. And electric car manufacturer Tesla removes “Ludicrous Mode” restrictions, while Showtime is sued over alleged live streaming issues during Mayweather-McGregor fight.

We say farewell to Richard Anderson, who played “Oscar” in The Six Million Dollar Man television series in the 1970’s, who died at 91. Plus, a look at problems with components after updating from Windows 7 to Windows 10, and moving data from an old computer to a new laptop.

Transferring data from a mobile phone to a computer leaves *more* space on the computer… how can this happen? A listener wonders why Apple and Google products do not seem to work well together, and we fix problems logging on to a new computer set up with a Microsoft Account.

Learn how to extend laptop displays to a monitor wirelessly. And should you purchase third party anti-virus products for a new computer?

We talk using OpenDNS to surf the web with greater safety, troubleshooting “Your connection is not private” message when using GMail, and explain how to move your “Favorites” folder from an old computer using Windows 7 to a new computer using Windows 10.

Nearly half a million pacemakers could be hacked, and there’s an investigation into possible conflicts with Adobe Reader DC and Adobe Flash player. Also, Adobe Flash plugin will be discontinued in the year 2020… what does this mean? \

We troubleshoot a “no sound” issue with a monitor, problems with Wi-Fi in a Samsung tablet, and problems with a potential OpenDNS crash. Will unused licenses for Microsoft Office 10 and Microsoft Office 13 work on a different computer? We have the answer.


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