(Coventry, Conn./CBS Connecticut) – Coventry Police are charging a New Britain resident following a home invasion from last weekend.

Last Friday, they say the victim in a Sam Green Road home was assaulted while she slept by 21-year-old Enysia Rosado.

According to officers, the victim was home alone at the time Rosado broke into her home.

When she attempted to flee, police say she was assaulted again. She managed to escape to the home of a relative a few miles away.

Police say Rosado followed the victim to that residence, after which police were called and Rosado fled.

Rosado was arrested and now faces a slew of charges, including home invasion, 48 counts of violating a protective order, assault, and disorderly conduct, among others.

Investigators say that protective order had been in place since last month. Rosado is being held on $100,000 bond.


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