Erik and Bob take your technology questions. Erik’s Fitbit reaches 10,000 steps–while he eats ice cream! Cloud backup service Crash Plan to end consumer backups. Identity theft hits “epidemic levels. Samsung “smart TV” update renders some TVs inoperable. New Toyota app punishes teens with parents’ playlist when driving is unsafe. How to fix an “address mismatch” error with OpenDNS. Fixing Wi-Fi connectivity issues with a Samasung tablet. Avoiding the Microsoft “expired license” telephone scam. If you want to fight climate change, don’t invest in Tesla, study says. Is it possible to defer new upgrades to the Windows 10 operating system? Troubeshooting Microsoft Outlook connection issues after a Windows 10 upgrade. Tesla’s new “Model 3” electric car isn’t a luxury car, but it’s priced like one. “Elephant translator” translates human language into pachyderm talk. How to change to the 64-bit version of Mozilla Firefox web browser.

More information on “plug-in” compatibility in Firefox. How to download Google Chrome safely. Is Windows Defender an adequate anti-virus program for Windows 10? How to use OpenDNS to surf the Internet safely. Windows 10 “forced” upgrades revisited. Will more hard drive space improve computer performance on an older computer? Fixing a sceen flicker issue on a Lenovo Yoga laptop. Should you use so called “driver update” programs not made by your computer manufacturer? Media streaming folders are empty on a DLNA capable TV set–we offer suggestions on how to troubleshoot. “Side by side” error appears on a laoptop while surfing the web. Fixing a “browser not secure” error when reading e-mail on a laptop.


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